Corporate information

Name of company The Shibusawa Warehouse Co.,Ltd.
Location of headquarters 37-28, Eitai 2-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyomap
Date of foundation March 30, 1897
Date of establishment July 15, 1909
Capital funds 7,847 million yen
Number of shares issued 15,217,747
Number of Group employees 1,146
Business activities Warehousing, Land transportation, Marine transportation, Harbor transportation, International multimodal transportation, Customs clearance, Packaging/Indication/Storage of Pharmaceuticals/Quasi-drugs/Cosmetics and Medical equipments, EC Fulfillment services, Trade/Intermediary business/Management/Leading of Real estate, Planning/Development/Sales/Operation management of Information systems, Employment agency, Livelihood support of non-covered long-term care insurance, etc.